Update the Look of Your Home with Wall, Ceiling and Floor Enhancements

Update the Look of Your Home with Wall, Ceiling and Floor Enhancements

You would be hard pressed to find a home that could not benefit from some form of esthetic updating. But, this does not mean that a full-fledged remodel is necessarily the way to go. In fact, many times minor enhancements can—and do—make a world of difference. To follow are a number of enhancements that will take your living space from tired to timeless:

Intriguing Coffers

One area of your home that often does not receive the attention it deserves is the ceiling. But, the ceilings in your home have the same square footage as your floors, and it takes up a massive amount of space. In fact, the eye is actually drawn upward many times throughout the day. With coffered ceilings, your eyes will have all the more reason to look up.

Placing coffers on your ceilings adds dimension, depth and intrigue to your room. Coffers, much like all other forms of moldings, come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. As such, you will want to choose a style of coffer that enhances the overall design of your room. Let’s say, for example, that your family room is contemporary meets beach-inspired. It is a room marked by pastel walls and light, flowy linens. You will want your coffered ceilings to enhance this deeply soothing look, right? This means selecting a simple cut of coffer and having it placed in generous rectangular formations across your ceiling. Within the exposed rectangles on your ceilings, you might want to inert flat and thin slats of wood. When painted, these slats will come to assume the look of your favorite wharf. Paint the simple coffers on your ceiling a calming cream color, and enjoy the added sense of structure and beauty in your space.

Regal Crown Moldings

As of late, ornate crown moldings have been experiencing a certain renaissance. This is because, for several decades, these moldings were thought of as outdated and overly traditional. This is, however, a misconception that has recently been proven wrong. Ornate crown moldings are any cut of molding, intended to border both your walls and doorframes, that are adorned with decorative flourishes. These flourishes might take the form of vines, flowers, scrolls and other curved patterns.

One of the most impactful ways of introducing ornate moldings into your space is by doing so with confidence. In a traditional space, those full of leather furniture, mid-century lamps and brass hardware, the tendency might be to paint your crown moldings a neutral shade. Indeed, most homeowners opt to paint their crown moldings a bright white or a warm cream color. While both of these options work very well, you may want to draw even more attention to your striking moldings. An excellent way of doing so is by painting them a complementary color to that of your space at large. In a sunny yellow space, you might want to paint your ornate moldings periwinkle. Another effective way of drawing attention to your regal crown moldings is by layering them. Doing so all over might prove a tad overwhelming, so you will want to be strategic about where you do this. Layering simple molding next to your ornate ones, around all your room’s door frames, is a subtle way of creating a dramatic effect.

Contemporary Chair Rails

Chair rails were first introduced as a sort of protective buffer for a home’s walls. Indeed, it is a type of molding that is conventionally placed halfway up a wall to protect that wall from the scrapes and scratches from chairs.

There are a number of ways that you can introduce chair rails in a thoroughly contemporary manner. First, chair rails look gorgeous in contemporary meets minimalist spaces when they are offset on the wall. For example, instead of placing these moldings just under halfway up the wall, you might want to place them either slightly higher or slightly lower than is conventional. Doing so instantly creates a sense of structural intrigue. If your space is minimalist, having a paired down aesthetic, feel free to do something bold with your chair rail. Interior designers recommend painting your chair rail a bold primary color, such as red, as it will really stand out to the eye. There are a host of ways that you can introduce chair rails in a contemporary manner, and you ought to consult with a professional contractor on this topic.

All in all, updating your space need not involve completely overhauling it in every way. And one excellent way of updating your space is by introducing wall enhancements: in the form of coffers, crown moldings and chair rails. There are a wide variety of ways that you can use these finishes in a contemporary fashion. Whether your room is beach-inspired, contemporary or traditional wall enhancements will fit nicely within your space.

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