Top 6 Tips for Remodeling the Fireplace

Top 6 Tips for Remodeling the Fireplace

A fireplace can, and should, be a beautiful structure within your home. If you are lucky enough to have a home equipped with a working fireplace, you will want to ensure that this feature effectively works to enhance the beauty of your home. To follow are a number of tips that you will want to follow when you get around to remodeling your fireplace. These tips are pragmatic and incredibly simple to implement.

1-Say Goodbye to Outdated Materials

If you purchased an older home that was equipped with a fireplace, it is quite possible that this feature is constructed out of outdated materials. The very first step you will want to pursue when remodeling your fireplace is to remove these outdated materials. You may be puzzled about what qualifies as “outdated” and what materials might be thought of as modern. As a general rule of thumb, materials are outdated if they proved highly popular at one time yet are no longer widely implemented. Lava rock is an excellent example of a fireplace material that has become outdated.

2-Add Flair to Plain Fireplaces

If you inherited a plain fireplace, one that is completely non-descript, you would want to lend this feature a sense of flair. This does not mean completely overhauling your fireplace, however. Simple decorative flourishes will do the trick. Try adding crown molding around your fireplace to frame it in a classic way; alternatively, add a solid mantle atop your fireplace.

3-Think Contemporary

When remodeling your fireplace, you will want to do so in a way that is both contemporary and forward-thinking. This is supremely important. If you do not remodel with a forward-thinking attitude, you risk remodeling your fireplace in a way that will soon prove outdated. Contemporary materials include marble, granite and concrete. All of these are highly durable and will transition well from present to future.

4-Protect Your Fireplace

When remodeling your fireplace, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect all of your hard work. This will mean protecting the materials that surround your fireplace. If you fail to do so, over time your fireplace will become damaged and perhaps even stained by ash. For example, if you install a contemporary concrete fireplace you will want to take efforts to protect it. A protective sealant works wonders at preventing the staining and damage committed by ash.

5-Create Storage

Another important aspect of your fireplace that you will want to consider during the remodeling process is the amount of storage that this feature is capable of. If your fireplace is located in an especially small family room, you will want to use this feature in a way that creates space. For instance, you may want to incorporate built-in shelving in a way that envelops your fireplace. On these shelves, you can store beautiful accessories, family mementos and even books. On the whole, think of your fireplace remodel as an opportunity to increase your room’s organization and storage.

5-Consider Converting

More and more homeowners are transitioning from wood-burning to gas fireplaces. This is because, on the whole, gas fireplaces are much less messy than their wood-burning counterparts. If you privilege functionality from your home appliances, converting from wood to gas may very well be a good idea. However, there are a large number of homeowners who still love the aroma and particular type of warmth that is created by the burning of wood. Consider which option you prefer, and make these functional changes before you start in on the esthetic alterations that your fireplace might require.

6-Find a Contractor to Help You

Remodeling your fireplace is a project that is complicated and complex. Because of this, very few people would be able to successfully remodel their fireplace on their own. Before hiring your contractor, you will need to do your research. Ask to have a look at his or her portfolio. If you are hoping to have a concrete mantle border your fireplace, you will want to hire someone who has worked with these materials. A good contractor will also be able to provide you with references. These references are the best indication that the person you are hiring is reliable, and that he or she has performed the kind of fireplace remodels that they have attested to.

All in all, a fireplace is a beautiful feature that any homeowner would be lucky to have. There are a number of tips you will want to follow during the remodeling process. First and foremost, you will want to consider stripping your current fireplace of any and all outdated materials. Next, you will want to enhance a simple fireplace by adding decorative flourishes that are consistent with the overall look of your space. When remodeling your fireplace, you will want to make changes that address both your functional needs and your design preferences. Once you have done so, you can fully enjoy this beautiful interior feature.

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