Stairway Design: Enhancing the Look of Your Home with Spindles and Railings

Stairway Design: Enhancing the Look of Your Home with Spindles and Railings

When homeowners first approach upgrades to their homes, they tend to focus on their primary rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. But, a home is comprised of many unique elements, one of which is its stairs. Because stairs are such a major structural element in your home, you will want to pay careful attention to it. Metal spindles and railings are an excellent way of enhancing your home’s overall look, for instance. To follow are a number of ideas that you can easily implement in order to enhance the look of stairs—and by extension—that of your entire home.

Industrial Metal Spindles

If you live in a contemporary loft, industrial metal spindles will work wonders to enhance the look of your space. These industrial metal spindles are made out of wrought iron and take the form of simple cylindrical spindles evenly spaced up your staircase. You will want to pair these wrought iron spindles with bold, square-shaped balusters planted on the landings of your stairs.

Industrial spindles look beautiful in a completely contemporary space, too. These wrought iron spindles lend a sense of cohesion and finish to industrial lofts, or homes, with exposed brick walls. The sheer minimalism of this feature pairs beautifully—while adding structure—to homes with minimal furnishings. Because there is such a substantial amount of space between the spindles, this feature does not disrupt the flow of your open-concept space.

Decorating For Your Deck

If you are blessed enough to have a home with a substantial exterior deck, you will want to introduce spindles and railings that will frame this beautiful feature of your home as well. Rustic homes with wood siding call for railings made out of a complementary cut of wood. Juxtaposing two complementary types of wood—oak and cedar, for example—adds a sense of richness and variety to this rustic outdoor feature.

Designers suggest, however, interrupting your wood railings with iron spindles. This will break up the sheer amount of wood present on the exterior of your home. Thin iron spindles, about one inch in diameter, will do just the trick. You can also break up the wood in and around your deck by way of metal balusters. Iron weathers incredibly well over time, and it will lend a sense of strength and permanence to your outdoor space. All in all, it is essential that you use railings and spindles to frame your outdoor deck, one of the most value-enhancing features of your home.

Traditional Entryways

If the exterior of your home is markedly traditional, you will want to construct an entryway to match. Traditional exteriors tend to make use of brick siding, painted wooden shutters and heavy wooden doors. If your home has both a substantial entryway, along with a front porch, you will want to frame these elements in a traditional manner.

Unlike the sleek lines and angles that you would introduce in a contemporary space, think curved lines and contours. For example, you will want to implement a curved wooden railing on either side of your home’s exterior stairway. Designers suggest using birch for your railings, as it is a delicate material that looks beautiful when painted a rich cream hue. You will want to maintain this curved shape with the spindles used to frame your front porch, however. Wood spindles in a curved hourglass shape create the perfect additive to the traditional look of your home’s exterior. After all, there is no reason for ‘traditional’ to appear either tired or outdated.

Cable Railings

Cable railings are a beautifully modern finish that can be used either inside or out of doors. Designers suggest using cable railing, a type of railing that mixed vertical wooden balusters with horizontal metal cables, in open-concept spaces.

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have a substantial backyard and wish to maintain the picturesque view of your outdoor space. Cable railings allow you to cordon off your deck while promoting the beauty of your backyard space. If you live in a quaint yet modern home, you will want to create the illusion of more space by way of cable railing. Installing cable railing on the upper level of your modern home allows you to look out over your contemporary interior without obscuring your view.

In order to maximize both the value and the beauty of your home, you will need to frame your stairs in a manner that is consistent with the rest of your space. For example, industrial wrought iron spindles look beautiful in a contemporary space. This type of spindle is very utilitarian in looks and allows you a clear vision of the rest of your space. Traditional homes, on the other hand, call for curved wooden railings and spindles. Take the time to evaluate and classify the character of your home. Once this is done, you can get about selecting and installing the perfect railways and spindles for your space.

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