Is it Time to Replace Your Crown Molding? New Choices to Modernize Your Home

Is it Time to Replace Your Crown Molding? New Choices to Modernize Your Home

Homeowners and interior designers largely appreciate the affect that crown molding has in a space. Indeed, this finish is one that creates balance, adds detail and draws the eye toward a space’s more intricate features. But, if you are hoping to take this finish to a new level in terms of contemporaneity, you are certainly not alone. There are a number of options for you to choose from when replacing your current crown moldings with ones that are more novel. To follow are only a few:

Incandescent Moldings

One of the most modern moldings available are lighted ones. Lighted moldings instantly create an atmosphere of warmth, familiarity and modernism in a space. These moldings are also beneficial in that they allow you to install one or two pendant lights in the rest of your space, too.

An especially popular type of lighted moldings have lights in the lower moldings that project upward. These moldings tend to be crowned or capped by more decorative moldings, which are placed flush with the ceiling. The up-lighting from the lower moldings aim a soft spotlight on their more intricate counterparts. In effect, this is a beautiful combination that is bound to stimulate conversation amongst guests.

Curves, Curves, Curves

One of the most traditional aspects of crown moldings are their straight lines and angular formations. This means that if you have rooms with curved walls and windows, you have likely veered away from crown moldings altogether. But, if you are hoping to modernize a curved space, there is no better way of doing so than by introducing moldings, and this is now possible.

Simply visit your local hardware store and inquire into polyurethane crown moldings. This particular material is pliable and can easily be manipulated into lying flush against the walls of your space. Another neat aspect of these flexible moldings is that they react nicely with paint and stain. By painting your pliable moldings a light and bright color, you effectively elongate your curved wall, and can even give it the appearance of a beautiful wave.


One of the easiest ways of modernizing your crown moldings is by replacing worn out wood with moldings made of new and innovative materials. A modern and industrial room looks amazing, for instance, with tin and aluminum moldings.

Most homeowners cannot fathom introducing moldings made of either tin or aluminum. This owes, in part, to the fact that these materials appear non-pliable. But, this preconception simply does not hold water. It is now quite common to find metal moldings, as well as corners, precut to fit your contemporary space. A lovely approach to either tin or aluminum crown moldings is to pair them with hammered metal ceilings. The texture and brightness of these materials collectively establish an atmosphere of decadence and luxury. You will be thrilled at the way that light is reflected and refracted from this gorgeous finish.

Eco-Friendly Moldings

If you are a homeowner who is concerned with the overall health and happiness of the planet, you will want to introduce crown moldings that are eco-friendly in nature. Nothing could be more modern than a sense of compassion for our planet and a desire to live both stylishly and simply at the same time. Doing so is quite easy. You will simply want to introduce crown moldings made out of repurposed materials.

There are a great many hardware stores that keep wood and other scrap materials that have been used and discarded. This is one avenue of securing your very own repurposed moldings; however, you might also seek them out in nature. If you live in a less urbanized environment, you might seek out slats of pine that can be sanded and cut to serve as beautiful crown moldings in your home. You might want to also think outside the box when it comes to using repurposed materials. For example, there is nothing to prevent you from pairing repurposed slats of pine next to one made of oak or cherry. As long as you cut your woods to a consistent dimension, you will achieve a sense of elegance and warmth while remaining proud of your respect for the environment.

Crown moldings have graced a great number of homes for over a century and continue to retain their status as a classic finish. But, is it possible to use this finish in a more contemporary manner? Interior designers agree that yes, in fact, this is possible. Consider lighted moldings in a markedly modern space. These moldings create a dispersive sort of ambient light that will instantly warm and brighten your space. If you have an oddly-shaped room, there are a number of polyurethane moldings that can adhere to your curved walls. Last but not least, consider repurposed materials in homes that respect mother earth beyond all else. All of these strategies will allow you to replace old crown moldings with their more relevant and updated counterparts.

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