Get a High-End Look for a Low-End Price with Crown Molding

Get a High-End Look for a Low-End Price with Crown Molding

Homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to add polish and value to their homes without breaking the bank. In the case of crown moldings, however, what is being spoken of is a classic finish that has been in circulation for decades. Crown molding is a versatile finish that was traditionally used as a border in a home’s main living spaces. These days, though, it is perfectly acceptable to use crown molding in non­traditional ways in order to achieve a ‘high end’ look in your home. To follow are a number of considerations to keep in mind when installing crown moldings to achieve this sense of elegance, luxury and value in your home.

Ensure that Crown Moldings Work Towards a Cohesive Look

One major mistake that many homeowners commit when introducing crown moldings into their space is selecting a cut of molding that does not mesh well with the overall look of their room. The default position of many homeowners is that of gravitating towards traditional cuts of crown molding: ornate and decorative in design. Interior designers suggest that this trend owes to the fact that people appreciate the fact that these moldings have withstood the test of time.

But the most important consideration when purchasing your crown moldings is the overall aesthetic of your room. Try to articulate this design principle in less than a sentence. Perhaps it is contemporary chic. If so, you will likely want to select a cut of crown molding that is simple, minimalist and streamlined. If you determine that the design principle of your space is earthy, you may want to distress the paint on your moldings with a piece of sandpaper. Make sure that you keep personalized touches like this subtle, as crown molding tends to be threaded throughout the space.

See to It That Your Crown Moldings Are Properly Installed

Clearly, crown moldings are a relatively inexpensive way of elevating the look of your space. Indeed this simple finish can take a room from looking generic to looking high­end. But, all of the potential of crown moldings gets extinguished if they are not properly installed.

Many homeowners conclude that installing crown moldings will not be difficult. This determination stems from the fact that these finishes are of a relatively small scale and do not involve any electrical or plumbing work. But do not be deceived: installing crown moldings involves making a number of precise miter cuts. These miter cuts are what allows crown moldings to connect seamlessly with the ceiling above them. It is recommended that you have either a professional or someone who has experience installing moldings to help you with this project. After all, if your moldings gape away from the ceiling, you actually create a sense of disrepair and incompletion in your space. This would be counterproductive to the aims of your project.

Use Crown Moldings in New and Exciting Ways

If you are relying on crown moldings to create a high­end look in your space, you will want to use this finish in new and unexpected ways. Giving your moldings a creative and novel twist will ensure that they stand out, and make a statement. You may very well be wondering how you can lend a creative and contemporary look to your crown molding. To follow are a few suggestions:

First and foremost, interior designers reinforce the importance of painting your crown moldings a contrasting color to the rest of your space. Traditionally, homeowners used to paint their moldings the same color as their walls. But doing so resulted in having their moldings blend in almost entirely with their walls. Instead of simply painting your molding a neutral color which is, of course, an option, you may want to choose something more vibrant. If the primary color in your room is blue, you may want to paint your moldings canary yellow. This will create a unique look that remains high­end. In addition, you should consider introducing crown moldings in rooms where they are not typically to be found. For example, there is no reason you should not have crown moldings in your updated bathroom. Just be sure to coat your moldings with a protective veneer that will shield it from moisture damage.

Introducing crown moldings in your home is an excellent way of creating a high­end look in your space, even within a limited budget. But, when doing so, you will want to ensure that you install your moldings with care. Also, make an effort to select moldings that work well with the overall design principles of the space. Because crown moldings are so markedly versatile, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Lastly, do not shy away from using your crown moldings in novel ways. This will give your high end look a fresh and inviting flair.

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