Eradicating Your Three Main Concerns about Crown Moldings

Eradicating Your Three Main Concerns about Crown Moldings

In recent years, more and more homeowners have come to appreciate the wonderful benefits of crown moldings. After all, crown molding is simply classic, and it instantly creates the sense that a room has been carefully planned out. Nonetheless, many homeowners carry around certain concerns about introducing crown moldings in their homes. This is likely because they know of someone who had a poor experience selecting, installing or maintaining this finish. On the whole, crown moldings prove to be both an affordable and invaluable asset to your home. Hopefully, this text will help to eradicate any erroneous concerns you may have about installing crown moldings in your beautiful home.

Concern 1-Crown Molding Fractures the Sense of Continuity in Your Home

One of the leading concerns that people have with respect to crown moldings is that this finish fractures the sense of continuity in the home. More specifically, people worry that introducing crown moldings in one room will make all of their other rooms appear less finished.

This concern, however, is entirely unfounded. Interior designers highlight how crown moldings are generally used to create a sense of finish in many of a home’s larger living spaces. This is because large spaces require a cohesive structural element to make them seem more organized. But, because crown moldings tend to be quite subtle, painted in either a neutral or a complementary color to your room, it is not striking when you use this finish in only a few select rooms.

Concern 2-Crown Moldings Will Soon Become Outdated

Because crown moldings have been a staple in family homes for well over a century, many homeowners experience concern about introducing this finish in their own homes. This is because they fear that the long-standing success of crown moldings suggests that the finish is nearing the end of the line when it comes to its relevance. However, it is the contrary of this concern that proves to be true. Interior designers point to the long history of crown moldings, first in European estates and then in North American homes, as a testament to its classic appeal. If you are especially concerned about your crown moldings losing their appeal, designers suggest selecting a cut that is both neutral in color and simple in design. Simple two and a half inch moldings in a simple rounded shape would be hard pressed to go out of style. If anything, take a subtle approach if you are concerned about the lasting power of your crown moldings.

Concern 3-Crown Moldings Will Become Damaged, Lopsided or Will Begin to Separate From The Wall

One of the main reasons that homeowners are skeptical about introducing crown moldings in their homes is because they have been privy to installation mishaps. The good news is that these mishaps are almost always avoided when you hire a reliable contractor.

To follow are some of the complicated aspects of crown molding installation that general contractors make simple:

  •    Your general contractor will ensure that your walls are adequately prepared for install. This includes locating studs and framing out where the crown moldings will be placed before they go about installing them.
  •    Professional contractors also have the tools and knowledge to make precise miter cuts in your crown moldings. These miter cuts are angular incisions made in your crown moldings that allow for these finishes to be connected seamlessly together.
  •    One of the most important aspects of the installation that your contractor will look after is that of protecting your moldings from their surrounding environment. If you are installing moldings in your bathroom, for example, your contractor will caulk around the molding so that moisture does not accumulate behind it. Furthermore, a contractor will be sure to protect the surface of your moldings with a protective primer.

Expressing concern over potential mishaps, with regards to the installation of your crown moldings, is reasonable if you have ever known someone to install this finish on their own. But, hiring a professional to install your crown moldings completely eradicates this concern. A reliable contractor will handle every aspect of the installation from the preparatory stages to the finishing touches. On top of that, he or she will likely be able to complete this project within the course of an afternoon.

All in all, crown moldings lend a classic sense of finish to any home. But far too many homeowners are hesitant to introduce these finishes, for one reason or another. Be aware of the fact that the classic status of crown moldings speaks to their value and potential longevity. If you are concerned about disrupting the uniform design in your home, by only introducing moldings in a few select rooms, set this concern aside. Crown molding is subtle enough to create a sense of finish in one room without being palpably absent in the next. Last but not least, a professional contractor will see to it that your moldings are installed to last.


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